Thursday, February 16, 2012

{365}...A Year in Review

collage 365 2

I just finished my {365} Project....YEAH! I have to say I really enjoyed this project, especially looking at my photos from the start to the finish and seeing the improvement I made throughout the year. My goal in completing a {365} Project was to improve my photography skill as well as learn more about my camera. I can say I feel I accomplished both of those goals. I think I missed about 7 days total all in the last few months. As time went by it was harder and harder to complete my daily shot, but I kept shooting along and I am so glad I did. (You can see my whole year in {365} by clicking the link on my navbar or HERE)

My next project? I think I am gonna give Project Life a try. One thing I wish I would have done with {365} was to take more pictures of the kids, especially the boys. Project Life will give me the focus to take more "family" pictures. I have never been good at scrap booking or keeping photo albums, so I plan on using the digital version on Shutterfly. Wish me luck, this project is going to be a little harder for me.

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Hannah said...

Elisa does that project life and it looks so cool. I am such a bad scrap-booker. I'd love to hear about the shutter fly version!