Sunday, February 12, 2012

{365} 365


{The End}

Make sure you stop back soon....I plan on putting my favorites from the year together. Thanks for visiting and supporting my with your kind comments during my first year of {365}.


TexWisGirl said...

hurray for you! so, you'll have to give the final count of days missed...

Rebecca said...



Hannah said...

Yay!!! You did it! I am going to take credit for making you do it...even though I totally quit :)

You have grown SO much over the last year. It really does make me want to try again...but then I remember how much of a slacker I am ;)

Sorry I haven't been around as much. I've been trying to spend no more than an hour a day on the computer, editing and all. It's sad how quickly it goes...most of it has been spent on paying bills and balancing the checkbook. I might need to exclude those things :)

My Beautiful World said...

So lovely to be back visiting you my friend I have missed seeing your wonderful posts and have enjoyed catching up with them all.
What a great job doing all these can't wait to see more.

Always Wendy